Drew Darko
I put Drew Barrymore in at number 3 in my top 3 candidates for Mrs Lazylaces a while back but I've now finally seen Donnie Darko. Firstly let me say all the hype and tributes I've seen for the film were well deserved. Deliciously entertaining and creepy. What is more Miss Barrymore is almost more appealing than she was in The Wedding Singer whch I didn't think was possible. I think that means Minnie has been bumped off the number 2 spot (still a lot of work to do to catch Fiona).

Entry 575, Thursday, October 30th 2003, Filed In Diary

The UK saw the start of winter at the weekend as the clocks went back an hour and moved from British Summer Time (BST) back to good old GMT. I have a new definition of the start of winter though - it's the first morning you are glad when you walk out of the door to see that it is raining, as it means you don't have to scrape the ice off your windscreen. Only the British winter could provide me with such a low high point. Anyway this morning was that morning so it is now officially winter in lazylaces land.

Entry 573, Wednesday, October 29th 2003, Filed In Diary

I was explaining to Jules in the Bank Bar last night the attributes of my theoretical perfect partner. This is a topic of conversion that has been much repeated in my last twelve months of singledom.

The short explanation of my perfect partner is "geek girl" although I did have some additional ideas about length of hair (short), height (ditto), and size of chest (large). Physical appearance wasn't really the point though. A

<quote>geek girl</quote>

is really my ideal as what I'm really looking for is someone I can a have great physical relationship with but who I can also talk to about all those important things like the great JavaScript function I wrote today or what SB is up to this week. And more importantly I want to hear all about her take on the same sort of thing. Surely not too much to ask? Or at least hope for.

In the end I concluded that such a girl did not exist for me, but Jules (bless her) told me that she was almostly certainly sat in some other bar in London saying much the same thing about me. I'm not sure how realistic thinking that sort of thing is - and I think it was based on the 4 cocktails we'd consumed at that point rather than any part of reality - but it did make me feel better. Maybe one day I will find my perfect partner.

Anyway all these ramblings are contected to the article I found on the BBC site this afternoon about Georgy Russell - candidate for California state governor. More importantly though she's a self confessed geek, SB fan, and pretty damn foxy as far as I can tell from the picture. There's hope for me yet (although California might be a little too far to go).

Entry 515, Sunday, September 21st 2003, Filed In Diary

I was torn on whether to post this link or not. Pragard is a music file portal and despite it's warnings to delete all files within 24 hours of downloading it all seems a bit illegal to me. I can only assume that the fact that it's based in Thailand creates some legal quirk that explains why it hasn't been shut down yet (it also makes for some weird banner ads - Thai fonts look cool).

Anyway I always like to buy my music although I find listening on-line a great way of finding new music and bands I wouldn't normally get to hear of - recently though I've had a few problems with copy protected CDs. They don't seem to play on any of the hardware I have. Major offender is the new Kosheen album which refuses to play on anything and essentially has been a waste of £9.99. More annoying is that the new Dido album I have been looking forward to also seems to be copy protected but at least fore-warned this time I won't waste my money.

So that explains why although I'd normally pay for my music I was trolling around trying to find downloads and stumbled across Pragard. For the record though they didn't actually have any of Kosheen or Dido songs I was looking for meaning that I'm still stuck with a CD whose contents are a mystery to me and a much awaited release that I won't be able to listen to.

Does anyone know where/if I can pay to download these albums or if they are available somewhere without the copy protection? Also isn't there some sort of legal issue when I'm being sold CDs which just won't play in any of my music equipment?

Entry 514, Sunday, September 21st 2003, Filed In Diary

I was very impressed to see that all the commuting woes I had the other week were for the sake of a 1 amp fuse. It's a little worrying that such a small mistake should be able to cause the whole of London to grind to a halt.

On a completely different note the various projects I have been working on outside of work are drawing to a close soon so normal lazylaces service should soon be restored.

Entry 505, Thursday, September 11th 2003, Filed In Diary

Finally got home today at 8.30pm after getting trapped in London due to the power cut. Anything the US and Canada can do we can do too! See my exclusive coverage of the event. It was especially cheering to see all the candle lit pubs on the way to the station.

Not as cheering as the vision of my computer screen blanking out and the noise of the servers suddenly dissappearing though. UPS my a*se. The biggest problem was it meant I couldn't finish the technical design I was working late on (er when did I last press save?). Shame. Although it means that I now have to do that and build the system it was for before 3pm tomorrow - doh! A great challenge for a Friday, but at least we're all due to go to the pub after that.

Finally a special shout out to my friend Andy who spent the entire blackout trapped on the tube for 2 hours. He's now in even more need of a beer than I am.

It's off for fish and chips and beer for me now - a very English response to a power cut :o)

Entry 499, Thursday, August 28th 2003, Filed In Diary

Less of a diary entry more of a mind dump today. Things have been hectic with work this week - long hours, tight timescales & and drinking to escape it all have lead to me feeling rather bizarre and convinced it should be Friday despite the fact it's quite clearly not and I still have two more days of this to go. Arrrrgggh. I actually managed to configure 4 intranet sites today - IIS, SQL Server databases, NT security and the rest today in about an hour. My JavaScript coding is also hitting new personal speed records. I'm sure by Saturday I'll look back on this week and laugh. Hopefully.

Anyway outside of work I was pleased to find that my failing eyesight was not due to thinking about Fiona too vigorously but because I've been tieing my tie too tight. Top button undone for me tomorrow.

When I got home today I found that the post contained not only the obligatory mountain of mail for the previous occupants of my flat but also my Moonraker album from CD Baby - bless them I needed something to keep me sane. I can't recommend this band enough the sounds Listen are just beautiful.

Finally my goal this week is to make it too Friday as the infamous Jules and I are doing drinks. Me because I will have managed to make through this week (assuming I do) and her because she will be finally off anti-biotics. Photos to follow if I remember.

Entry 477, Wednesday, August 6th 2003, Filed In Diary

Top 3
For no other reason than I stumbled across a gallery of Drew Barrymore pics here are my top 3 candidates for Mrs Lazylaces:
  1. Fiona Bruce, who as a UK resident I obviously stand most chance with since I might potentially bump into her and I am, of course, irresistable.
  2. Minnie Driver, based in Hollywood but a frequent visitor to the UK. If she's in London I will probably meet her in my local for a pint. Maybe.
  3. Drew Barrymore, who I only really like in The Wedding Singer, so unless she's into role play I'd have to say she's a rank outsider.

Entry 469, Monday, August 4th 2003, Filed In Diary

All In My HeadI haven't done a diary update for ages - so here it is...

First of all apologies for my recent (and up-coming) erratic postings. Work has been somewhat hectic as I play with Oracle and SQL Server databases with a dash of JavaScript on the side all to rather tight timescales. The first part of my current project is due to go into test tomorrow and spare time is at a premium. Also tomorrow night I meet to redesign the BMT site (it needs it!) - the charity web-site I am involved with. Sleep is currently a distant memory. Fortunately an outing to Clinks Bar with the company credit card in tow beckons on Friday which is the only thing getting me through this week.

Today I cut myself off at work with Radio1 on-line via headphones so I could get on with my coding: kind of anti-social but sometimes solitude is required to really crack on. It's been ages since I've listened to the radio and I was very happy to hear that both Dido and Kosheen have new albums out soon (hear Kosheen's latest single here). It even made me find time to update my links page with a new music section.

Finally I continue to avoid doing any work to update this site with useful things like comments as quite frankly I don't have the energy in the free time I have but I have found some neat ASP Script I hope to customise which will hopefully make things easier and make it more likely that I finally get this done!

Entry 459, Wednesday, July 23rd 2003, Filed In Diary

I'm enjoying my Friday night in by wigging-out to "Return of the Weather Episode " (MP3 : 5Mb) courtesy of those very finest of boot-leggers - gohomeproductions. Who would have have thought Snoop Dogg would have mixed with Crowded House so well? Also on a Friday night vibe check out the Lemon Jelly Ducks video at airside.

Entry 451, Friday, July 18th 2003, Filed In Diary

All very quick links today as it's just far to hot to sit at a keyboard for ages (and that's what I've been doing all day already). There is time to say a big thank you to milk and cookies though who have made me a "link of the moment" on their homepage. I'm not totally sure what I've done to deserve this or how it has happened but I'm chuffed anyway. Ta!

Entry 443, Monday, July 14th 2003, Filed In Diary

Obsessively checking on stats? Oooh...suits you sir! While checking through my site serach engine referrers I was slightly surprised to find I am currently number #10 on google for a search on the word "laces". Only slightly behind speedlaces and locklaces the kind of product that inspired my choice domain name.

Entry 436, Friday, July 11th 2003, Filed In Diary
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