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For no other reason than I stumbled across a gallery of Drew Barrymore pics here are my top 3 candidates for Mrs Lazylaces:
  1. Fiona Bruce, who as a UK resident I obviously stand most chance with since I might potentially bump into her and I am, of course, irresistable.
  2. Minnie Driver, based in Hollywood but a frequent visitor to the UK. If she's in London I will probably meet her in my local for a pint. Maybe.
  3. Drew Barrymore, who I only really like in The Wedding Singer, so unless she's into role play I'd have to say she's a rank outsider.

Entry 469, Monday, August 4th 2003, Filed In Diary

All In My HeadI haven't done a diary update for ages - so here it is...

First of all apologies for my recent (and up-coming) erratic postings. Work has been somewhat hectic as I play with Oracle and SQL Server databases with a dash of JavaScript on the side all to rather tight timescales. The first part of my current project is due to go into test tomorrow and spare time is at a premium. Also tomorrow night I meet to redesign the BMT site (it needs it!) - the charity web-site I am involved with. Sleep is currently a distant memory. Fortunately an outing to Clinks Bar with the company credit card in tow beckons on Friday which is the only thing getting me through this week.

Today I cut myself off at work with Radio1 on-line via headphones so I could get on with my coding: kind of anti-social but sometimes solitude is required to really crack on. It's been ages since I've listened to the radio and I was very happy to hear that both Dido and Kosheen have new albums out soon (hear Kosheen's latest single here). It even made me find time to update my links page with a new music section.

Finally I continue to avoid doing any work to update this site with useful things like comments as quite frankly I don't have the energy in the free time I have but I have found some neat ASP Script I hope to customise which will hopefully make things easier and make it more likely that I finally get this done!

Entry 459, Wednesday, July 23rd 2003, Filed In Diary

I'm enjoying my Friday night in by wigging-out to "Return of the Weather Episode " (MP3 : 5Mb) courtesy of those very finest of boot-leggers - gohomeproductions. Who would have have thought Snoop Dogg would have mixed with Crowded House so well? Also on a Friday night vibe check out the Lemon Jelly Ducks video at airside.

Entry 451, Friday, July 18th 2003, Filed In Diary

All very quick links today as it's just far to hot to sit at a keyboard for ages (and that's what I've been doing all day already). There is time to say a big thank you to milk and cookies though who have made me a "link of the moment" on their homepage. I'm not totally sure what I've done to deserve this or how it has happened but I'm chuffed anyway. Ta!

Entry 443, Monday, July 14th 2003, Filed In Diary

Obsessively checking on stats? Oooh...suits you sir! While checking through my site serach engine referrers I was slightly surprised to find I am currently number #10 on google for a search on the word "laces". Only slightly behind speedlaces and locklaces the kind of product that inspired my choice domain name.

Entry 436, Friday, July 11th 2003, Filed In Diary
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While hunting around for an obscure link to Pole Position, a computer game I remember playing avidly on my Dad's Atari 800, for a random comment at Daisy's site, I was very chuffed to find the killer list of video games which brought back some fond memories. What was distressing though was finding out that Pole Position came out in 1982, which means that the huge time I spend playing this game was when I was 8 or 9. I really am the sad computer g33k I sometimes think I am...

Aside: Seems I missed the Atari 800 web server - damn - I would have liked to have been served pages by that (g33kn355 confirmed!).

Entry 435, Friday, July 11th 2003, Filed In Diary
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Not much news and not much found today - but I am now posting at Commuterland about the trials and tribulations of my trips to work.

Entry 420, Thursday, July 3rd 2003, Filed In Diary
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I've had a hard day traveling the South East installing systems so I can't be bothered to post much (I want to go to bed!) but it made me smile to see Pete has revealed his secret 2nd blog. A blog devoted to commuting woes? Finally somewhere to vent my anger and share my tales of London commuting. I've signed up and I suggest the same to you if you have a commuting bone in your body.

Entry 416, Tuesday, July 1st 2003, Filed In Diary

There's a whole lot of love out there this Friday as not only does lazylaces join the friends of honest john but also the friends of ttr2 which has been a personal favourite for some time now. A great highlight to my favourite day of the week.

Entry 410, Friday, June 27th 2003, Filed In Diary

Apologies for the lack of posts but real life has been just too hectic and the weather too nice to be stuck indoors with a computer maintaining a blog. My meme plan is still in the pipeline but I need a whole clear day to go through with it and I haven't had that luxury since I formulated my cunning plan. By way of an apology I'll reveal a deep dark personal secret instead - I'm secretly in love with news-reader Fiona Bruce and I now have a disturbing fondness for watching the news. That's all for now though I'm afraid as I'm tired and need some rest :o)

Entry 398, Sunday, June 22nd 2003, Filed In Diary

I've had an idea for a (the first of many?) lazylaces meme. The plan is to implement my idea either tomorrow or Friday and to report on it sometime over the weekend. Hopefully it won't go the way of all my other best laid plans. I'm also hoping it's an original idea but since I've come up with it independently that'll do for me. Watch this space.

Entry 396, Wednesday, June 18th 2003, Filed In Diary
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What is it about google? As well as obsessing about referrer terms for this site and just about any other site I've worked with, not to mention all the searches I do myself, I'm now addicted to google's UK news feed.

I think it's the fact that it tells you how long ago the page was updated and the individual stories were aggregated. I'm obsessively reading and refreshing to find all the latest news - I've never been so well informed - prior to this I would buy the paper once a week and virtually never watch the televsion news. Does that make this a healthy obsession? Like being addicted to carrot sticks (although that turns you orange eventually I seem to remember reading somewhere).

Anyway before it's time to pack me off to the clinic I'm going to enjoy my addicition but try and avoid posting all the news stories I keep finding - as tempting as it is. Let's face it if you wanted UK news you'd be reading google already.

Entry 387, Sunday, June 15th 2003, Filed In Diary
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