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Where's Walton?
If you just want some games you've waited far too long already, and you almost certainly want to skip this bit. If you are interested in where I've been though, read on...

First of all I could tell you the story of how I have been busy walking from Maine To Georgia along the Appalachian Trail (see the pic above Jen & I got for this very purpose), but those of you that know me well (or that can read the subtle clue in the name lazylaces) might not believe that.

Or I could tell you that my disappearance was all part of a huge point'n'click adventure I set up on the site and that I'm really disappointed that no one 'got it' and managed to track me down. Although I'm sure that at least one of you pixel hunted every last piece of the site and you know that I would just be making it up (although thanks to very one who tracked me on FB - I'm only 5 friends short of 100 now!).

Of course the truth, as usual, is far more dull. Maybe I will do that game thing one day though. Anyway... Firstly I got very busy, very quickly, with work. Then I was house sitting, and was still busy at work (but there was a pool, which made things a little easier). Then I had to travel back to the UK on business. Then I was jet-lagged. Then I went on holiday (to Luray, VA and Skyline Drive - where the pic above is really from). And somewhere in there I also experienced the tail end of Hurricane Hanna (a really not very exciting tropical storm when it came thru here - as an Englishman I have seen lots of rain before, which is what it boiled down to) and went to see Burning Spear live. And now, somehow, I'm still busy with work. Ho hum. Juggling every thing that needs to be done, and actually having some free time in between, can be a daunting task, but I'm going to try to get back on some sort of track now.

Anyway. Back to a couple of posts now for those of you itching for games that have managed to read this far.

PS. For those of you that ask all the time about my wedding pics, Jen says hi, and says she will be making me actually get them on-line this week...

Entry 3449, Monday, September 8th 2008, Filed In Diary

Point'n'Click Needs You
I have a mountain of photos I should be posting from me visiting Jen in the US, Jen visiting me in the UK, not to mention our official engagement pics from Baltimore, and at some point I will have enough time to sort thru, annotate, and post them, but for now I had to quickly post this ridiculous picture of me from Scott & Serena's wedding earlier this year that makes me chuckle every time I look at it. I have sub-titled it (for additional comedic value) "Point'n'Click Needs You", but feel free to have your own caption competition in the comments :) Click on the pic above for a more horrific larger version.

Entry 2883, Tuesday, August 28th 2007, Filed In Diary

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah Everyone
Well through the magic of posting ahead I'm probably already on a plane, waiting in a air terminal looking at a foggy Heathrow, or with Jennifer in DC, as you read this, as I'm going Stateside for Christmas. So I'm sorry there'll be no posts for a few days at least, please accept my holiday apologies. While I'm in transit, jet-lagged, or eating Turkey, you'll just have to get your Christmas point'n'click fix from one of the fine sites under "more games" in the left-hand (no other left) column, or delve into The Lazylaces Vaults, and I'll be back soon (the laptop is going Stateside too). Special thanks to my flat-sitters (you know who you are) for looking after my place while I'm away, and, of course, thanks to you all out there for visiting, commenting, submitting, being "first", and all your support this year. I hope you all have a very very merry Chrismahanukwanzakah.

Entry 2375, Friday, December 22nd 2006, Filed In Diary

If you're an avid point'n'clicker and you haven't found nordinho yet use a couple of those precious clicks and get your browser over there now. An astonishing collection of games with walkthru's for most of the games for those of us that are a bit limited in our ability. Especially worth a visit since they wrote to me today suggesting a link exchange and it's only my own laziness which meant I hadn't gotten round to linking to them permenantly already.

Also while I'm shouting out to other sites a load of respect to milinkito who linked me recently and despite the fact I have no idea what they're saying half the time (no hablo espaņol) a few quick clicks around reveal them to also be the home to some finely linked content.

Both sites are now linked permenantly in the right hand column of this site if you need to find them again and have an aversion to doing your own bookmarking.

Finally while I'm doing a catch up on linky and site stuff. A big thanks to all my visitors. I'm not totally sure what I was doing when I started this site - it really was intended as just some practise for my asp coding and somewhere to keep my own 'stuff' where it was easy to find. Anyways, a couple of years down the line and more and more of you are visiting all the time. Thank you! I've now just started to exceed my 30Gb a month bandwidth limit on my current package with my webhosts, Brinkster, so I've just upgraded to the top package which gives me unlimited bandwidth. So keep on visiting and bring your friends too! We may as well make use of the facilities.

So what does this mean to you the visitor? Well not too much hopefully. I'm opposed to advertising or membership on the site so I'll be covering the extra cost myself (it's not too much), but what it does mean is that I have access to some extra facilities. For a start I get a SQL Server database as part of the package so I'm looking to move the clunky Access database the site is currently based over to SQL Server. Hopefully this will mean I can keep things better maintained, but it will mean the site is down for a while, while I switch over. I'll keep the down time to a minimum though. I also hope to update the site to which won't effect usability at all (well maybe it'll be a bit quicker), but this is mainly for the challenge of reskilling myself. I hope to be doing a lot of stuff in my work life with C# and next year so starting here is a good practise experiment for me.

Right that's enough site stuff for now, back to the games and puerile nonsense...

Entry 1118, Sunday, March 27th 2005, Filed In Diary

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