LOSTscape is a flash thingumy that lets Lost fans (guilty) occupy themselves whilst they wait for the new episode on Thursday. It's just some video clips that you have to 'find' really, but I'll take what I can get prior to Thursday.

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Lazy Clippy
Ho ho ho. It's been a while since I found a good generator thingumy I liked, but I couldn't resist this clippy one though. Have a good evening folks, more games tomorrow I'm sure [via dump trumpet].

UPDATE: If you don't know who clippy is (really? you're kidding me, right?) check the wiki entry.

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EscapeDaHouse 5
Note: This link removed at the request of just about everyone.

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A Whole New WorldYou probably don't strictly need to know who Katie Price and Peter Andre are (thankfully I believe they are just a British "phenomena": I say thankfully as I'm now several thousand miles, and an ocean, away) to appreciate the reviews for "A Whole New World", but you definitely need to understand irony. Hi-lar-ious. My only apology is for including the picture.

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Pulp Muppets
The must-see movie for the Easter weekend: Pulp Muppets... [via op-pop].

Entry 3165, Friday, March 21st 2008, Filed In Stuff

Star Wars Bagpipes
You know what Musical Friday needs? Some Star Wars played on a Banjo. Did I say banjo? That's crazy. I meant to say Bagpipes, of course [subbed by blackshuck in USA].

Entry 3163, Friday, March 21st 2008, Filed In Stuff

Surfing On Color
Judging by the positive responses for Nick's last tune, and the positive responses for this new one on Newgrounds, "Surfing On Color" is a good entry into the Musical Friday files. I must be getting old though, it's just electronic noises to me... [subbed & created by Nick S The Hamster]

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A Short Film About Cheese Cutting
When I was British I wouldn't have understood A Short Film About Cheese Cutting at all, but now I'm American I understand the deep and meaningful subtle and ironic humor of it all, innit? Your task for the comments for today? Write an essay discussing various differences between the UK and the US that Graeme might be experiencing. In your answer cite at least once example of a "British-ism" and an "American-ism" from the paragraph above to show that Graeme is clearly half way between the two (here's a useful reference for Brits who don't understand the film). You have 30mins for your answer. No peeking at anyone else's paper. You may turn your paper over... now [via op-pop].

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The Moonvertising web site goes some way to explaining a very confusing conversation I had with Jen the other day about a billboard she had seen, and I totally didn't understand, but it still leaves so many questions... #1: Are you really going to do this? #2 Why won't my comment appear!? [via op-pop].

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Music To Lazylace By
It's Musical Friday time so I'm posting this little tune that Nick S The Hamster has put together for Lazylaces. And if I understand the Newgrounds licensing correctly this can now be used in any games posted there, which means writing about games on Lazylaces, has inspired a tune, that could be used in a game, that could be written about on Lazylaces, which is just the kind of "coming full circle" thing which is very pleasing [subbed by Nick S The Hamster, kaylou & Cyberjar88].

Entry 3134, Friday, March 7th 2008, Filed In Stuff

Who Pays?
Rob writes to me to tell me that's he's animated me as a pear (you can animate yourself or a friend too) as part of ActionAid's campaign regarding naughty UK supermarkets squeezing the supply chain to push down prices. Of course I live in the USA now where that kind of thing doesn't happen at all [subbed by Rob Mosley].

Entry 3129, Wednesday, March 5th 2008, Filed In Stuff

Hmmm... Friday. An ideal time for some cake [via op-pop].

Entry 3118, Friday, February 29th 2008, Filed In Stuff

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