Detective Grimoire
Detective Grimoire is a point'n'click "whodunnit" game where you play as Detective Grimoire himself. Your task is to poke around a fairground looking for clues, and to ultimately work out who murdered Hugh Everton. Be warned though, for those of you that don't like a lot of reading in games, that's there's a whole heap of it to do in this game [subbed by winniethepooh, Jazelock & Mantari].

Entry 2748, Friday, July 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Orange Box II
In Orange Box II you must escape the cubic room, and the orange hues, using your point'n'click skills and a bit of guess work (unless you understand Japanese). There's a also an Orange Box I, but since you need Java to play that and the machine I'm using doesn't have it installed and I can't install it you'll have to check that one out for yourself [subbed by Mantari].

Entry 2747, Friday, July 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Ethan Haas Was Right
Under a moody sky with two stars twinkling, thunder booms in the background, as you are presented with some kind of puzzle orb in Ethan Haas Was Right, a dark and mysteries series of puzzles that will suck you in, and may spit you out again.

Each game/puzzle is played on top of the strange puzzle orb which has weird faded hieroglyphics on it. To gain some clues as to what on earth is going on use the email star (a little clicking will show you what I mean). Then when(/if) you figure out the solution to a puzzle, you'll be rewarded with a video of a man inside of a dark room who lets you in on who caused the "end" to come, and it'll also give you advice and clues on how to avoid these people and the solution to the new puzzles.

Allegedly this game is part of a marketing campaign for something called "Cloverfield" (a film?), and it may (or may not be) part of a larger ARG. Whatever, these tricky puzzles can still be played (at least initially) without any knowledge of the "bigger picture" [subbed by Rod S. & Lambda].

Entry 2746, Friday, July 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Bloons Player Pack 1
Don't know what to do with your Friday? Well the Bloons Player Pack 1 should fill up more than a little of your time. Full of plenty of Bloons popping goodness the pack contains 50 player created levels made with the level designer over at Bloonsworld [subbed by cyberjar88, ferrgus & troy].

Entry 2745, Friday, July 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Orb of Augustus
The BBC's Roman Mysteries Series concludes with Orb of Augustus, which, judging by the fact that appears as 'locked' on my work PC, I think you can only play once you have to have completed the other episodes [subbed by Lady Lark, Sophie, Ali, vmklover, Big Bad Dave & HannahBanana].

Entry 2743, Friday, July 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 66
Wogger Mini 66 - they think it's all over... it is not now... Wogger is on vacation until July 14 so 66 is the last one for a week or so. Maybe it's a good time to go back and play some of the older ones? Anyway, happy holidays to Bernd & Wogger [subbed by vmklover, crazylegs, Big Bad Dave, some1, U2isdebest, Mike & tovella1].

Entry 2742, Friday, July 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Tucoga's Room
Just a quick update today as I bizarrely and suddenly find myself hopping around the country for work, anyway...

Tucoga's Room gives us another opportunity to do that thing we love so much, yes it's time to escape the room. This time it's Brazilian style though. Get point'n'clicking people... [subbed by Sophie, Mantari, winniethepooh, crazylegs & troy].

Entry 2741, Wednesday, July 4th 2007, Filed In Games

Phantasy Quest
Phantasy Quest is a very likeable, nicely presented, and reasonably large, point'n'click adventure with some classic story line goals: find the lost girl, beat the pirates and leave the tropical island. Excellent adventures ahoy... [subbed by Mystery & Helanren].

Entry 2740, Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, Filed In Games

Sam's Stash
Sam's Stash is a little point'n'click thing from US TV series "Burn Notice." I haven't done much more than clicking around the stuff that you find, although I think that might be the "goal" anyway. It's nice enough to look at though [subbed by Nunya Bizznezz].

Entry 2739, Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, Filed In Games

Dared contains some violence and adult language so it's not a game to let the kids play. For the rest of us it's rather a simple point'n'click game where you have to escape the abandoned office block. I think there might even be multiple endings, but it's not one I was rushing to play through again [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 2738, Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, Filed In Games

Esklavos C4
Beautiful graphics, sounds and puzzles return for our point'n'click pleasure in Esklavos C4 the latest chapter in the fine Esklavos Series. I'm told the ending is rather tricky and having a pen and paper handy is the order of the day, personally though I haven't got through the door yet and I'm trying to work out if I can stick something in Nim's ear... [subbed by Mystery, Carol & U2isdebest].

Entry 2737, Sunday, July 1st 2007, Filed In Games

EscapeDaHouse 4 (Section 1)
The EscapeDaHouse Series continues with EscapeDaHouse 4 (Section 1) which sees us escaping an abandoned school, rather than the house that the game's title might suggest. To help you escape you're going to need to utilise your point'n'click skills to find keys to open doors and control panels to disable security cameras and lasers. And once you're done another section is promised to follow this first section soon [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 2736, Sunday, July 1st 2007, Filed In Games

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