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Wogger Mini 61
Wogger Mini 61 [subbed by vmklover, Vicky & im4noles2].

Entry 2713, Sunday, June 17th 2007, Filed In Games

<em>In</em> Cubation

In Cubation is definitely a game for the weekend. You'll need a fair bit of time to allow for the pain - the download is ~225Mb (although to be fair it came down at a nippy 100-200kBs when I grabbed it) - and then a fair bit of time for the pleasure; 225Mb of point'n'click gaming isn't something to sniff at. At least it's not for a group of p'n'c addicts like ourselves.

Anyway, once you are all downloaded, there are nice 3D graphics aplenty for you to gawp at, atmospheric sounds to tickle your eardrums, and a proliferation of puzzles to point'n'click. * JOY*. So what's it all about? Well I'll hand over to the official description for an explanation of that (which should ring huge great big happy p'n'c bells of familiarity for you):

It begins inside the cubes. You've been ripped from your everyday and ordinary life and cast into the grey shadows of the cubes.

You have a clear goal. Escape at any cost.

Each challenging puzzle you solve will bring you closer to answering the questions of who you are and how you got here.

It will require you to master strange devices and it will demand of you all of your deduction skills, curiosity and total dedication to solve the final mystery.

In Cubation will bring you to intricate new worlds rendered in vivid colours and stunning 3D.

[subbed by Jolive].

Entry 2710, Saturday, June 16th 2007, Filed In Games

Zoo Escape
Zoo Escape see you trapped in a zoo, and you need to escape (the clue is in the name). In order to escape you'll need to perform a number of point'n'click tasks to help out the zoo keeper. Don't ask me to help though, I'm busy singing... *ahem*...

We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo
How about you, you, you?
You can come too, too, too
We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

[subbed by Mark, winniethepooh & Sanara].

Entry 2709, Friday, June 15th 2007, Filed In Games

FX Room Escape
FX Room Escape is a bit of a mystery because of the language (er... at a total guess it's Korean, possibly) but some things are clear: You have to escape the room. You're going to need to point'n'click. You seem to be "equipped" with some sort of special coat that contains a Swiss Army Knife and other tools. And I think (and this is a leap of imagination, as all I've managed so far is to switch the light on) that the room is going to start filling with poison gas. Good luck working it out. Apologies (?) if it turns out that their is no poison gas and I just made that bit up [subbed by maria].

Entry 2708, Friday, June 15th 2007, Filed In Games

Escape The Health Centre
The goal of Escape The Health Centre should be pretty self explanatory (you're going to struggle with the game if it's not), but be warned - this point'n'click game has a time limit, nurse is coming back to check on you in 5 minutes so you better hurry... [subbed by Amanda, Tiggs, Eric, Clemson Chris, Drozer, Caroline, winniethepooh, Escaper, Justin, Rod, carm, Zoda-Z, Mandee, Salina Marie, some1, suki, Djozz, Helanren, nick s the hamster, Jessica, fernanda & GirlYoda].

Entry 2707, Thursday, June 14th 2007, Filed In Games

Lottery Escape
Lottery Escape is your regular escape the room point'n'click game, although reading through the comments on Newgrounds it sounds like the game title might be very apt, with some of tasks being more of a lottery than intended... Good luck [subbed by f00].

Entry 2705, Friday, June 8th 2007, Filed In Games

Nearly Departed (Demo)

Since What Makes You Tick? proved to be so popular the other day you might also find Nearly Departed (Demo) to be worth a (not quite as long, ~15Mb) download. Just remember to wait to do it at home if you don't have l33t sys-admin rights on your work/school computer.

Nearly Departed (Demo) is another neat point'n'click game, using the "verb disc" control system, that I'm really beginning to like, and is built on the Lassie Adventure Studio platform (which has now brought us such fine items as What Makes You Tick? & Something Amiss, among others). In the game you emerge from a grave as a zombie, with amnesia, and you now must solve the mystery of your demise, whilst resisting your temptation for brains! Despite being just a demo, for now, there are plenty of puzzles to solve here, several locations, and it'll keep you involved for quite a while. I still can't wait to see the full thing though [subbed by Helanren, thruanoxygenlimbo & paolo].

Entry 2698, Thursday, June 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Submachine: Future Loop Foundation
Hot off the press from Murtaugh is the absolutely excellent news that a new point'n'click game, "Submachine: Future Loop Foundation", the latest in his Submachine Series, has been released today. Here's the official game description, since I'm too eager to get off and play to write up my own:

In Submachine FLF (Future Loop Foundation) you find yourself locked in a padded room with only an ancient tape player at your feet. From this strange beginning unfolds an amazing mystery that you can solve in a world where memories are the key to the past, present, and future!

Who are you, and why can't you remember how you got here? Who is the Future Loop Foundation? What do they want, and why are they holding you prisoner? Play Submachine FLF and solve the riddle for yourself!

[subbed and created by Murtaugh].

Entry 2695, Wednesday, June 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Leo Himura's No Exit
Like the morning after some kind of crazy house party, Leo Himura's No Exit sees you waking up in bath with no idea of how you got there. Not that I've been invited to that kind of party in many years. Anyway, as you might expect from years of point'n'click gaming the bathroom you are trapped in is curiously complex to escape, with the obvious door option not working, and it's going to take a little bit more effort that simply turning a handle to escape the room [subbed by f00, Nicop & Eric].

Entry 2694, Wednesday, June 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Thief Of Laurentum
Thief Of Laurentum is the latest point'n'click episode in The BBC's Roman Mysteries series. And before you tell us all how simple it is, and how fast you completed it, please remember this is a kids game, so save boasting about your l33t p'n'c skills for some other game, as doing on this one will just make you look silly [subbed by vmklover].

Entry 2692, Wednesday, June 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Candy and Clyde
Candy and Clyde is a fast-paced, simple, but fun, "point'n'click meets arcade" game. Each level has a different task to complete against the clock, with a nice theme if you pick Candy to perform it, or a naughty bias if you choose Clyde. I haven't run out of time on a level yet, but after a while you start going through the same levels again, but they seem a little harder, and I assume the time limit decreases. In total you have 3 lives to play around with to rack up as many points as possible [subbed by Murtaghrox22].

Entry 2690, Tuesday, June 5th 2007, Filed In Games

Erik's Escape The Room 6
Erik's Escape The Room 6 continues the Erik's Escape Series by pandering once again to our irresistible urge to escape any given room we are enclosed in by using our point'n'click skills [subbed by U2isdebest & higgo].

Entry 2689, Tuesday, June 5th 2007, Filed In Games

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