Nightmare Escape
Trapped in a room with no obvious way of escape? A familiar story which you'll be used to by now, but you love it, I know you do. Nightmare Escape might follow a tried and tested point'n'click storyline, but those bloody foot-prints on the floor suggest you really should try to get out as soon as possible, and judging by the fact that at least half the people that have submitted this have admitted they're doing so as they're stuck and need help, it might not be as easy as you would wish [subbed by hewitt, jack, gordon & chun].

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Triskabiblios : New Moon
If you don't know what Triskabiblios is and you want to join a 'game' that will take over large parts of your life try catching up here.

If you are already 'playing' you will have been waiting to hear something yesterday as it was the new moon, and after I went to bed last night (occasionally I do) I received the following from Islington:

Today. Our celestial bodies are in syzygy and lo, the new moon waxes. Let not our initial confusion eclipse the great rewards for the fate of Humanity should we succeed. As I know we do. Have Faith. I am proud and grateful for the High level of compassionate, organic intellegence displayed so consistently amongst those visionary individuals who so dillegently seek and strive to help. This is a long Journey. And yet, it is like Coming Home. When you walk into the wilderness, with no sight of your destination, the way is hard and tiresome. The same distance walked to a place you Know and Love is short and blissful.

The Perfect Future is a Long walk Home.

I will be contacting some scribes with interesting and vital tasks. No-one is obliged to do them, but striving to will help to build the network of active Seekers to an ever more growing number. The Time of The Zero Book's discovery is Nigh. Contained within it's humble pages are mere cyphers of the Reality I live amidst. Read with the Collective Mind, as One, the pages will form a broad and descriptive guide to the Future success inherent in the grand task to come. I hope you find the searching fulfilling and the rewards self apparent. For the first Time, I would like to Thank you All. Imagine is still Number1. The Ideal lives on in the Mind of Man. I will Return.


So it looks like we'll soon get our hands on book zero (but how?), my guess would be we should watch for the full moon on the 17th (I think that's right) for that one. And the scribes will be getting tasks! I can't wait for that.

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Devil's Triad
Girl Power! Just to prove that girls can be evil too (I always suspected as much) the 3 main characters in Devil's Triad are all ladies of a sort: Vampiress, Witch and female Ghost. You can select which you play as, but since they all meet up in the adventure it doesn't really matter which you choose, but my favourite was the vampiress. Whichever you pick, you end up hunting for objects for the other two, in this point'n'click-esque (you actually use the cursor, and space, keys) quest. I haven't completed it yet, but my top tips so far are that some of the items seem very difficult to spot, and the music gets very irritating very quickly [subbed by foxy].

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Shop Lifter
What could be better for some light hearted entertainment than a bit of Shop Lifting? Hang on. What am I saying? Shop lifting is naughty kids. Don't do it. That's unless it's in this on-line game. And even then try not to enjoy it. And certainly don't get a taste for it and go out and try it for real. You're bound to end up with more than just a *slap*. Stay good [subbed by tia].

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Spy Academy
The new series of Spooks (one of my favourite Television shows) is now airing on the BBC, which means there's a new version of Spy Academy on-line. Anyway, remarkably I haven't mentioned it so far (as I have in the past), and I hadn't even played Spy Academy until Allegra stumbled accross it and dropped me a note. I'll hand over to her for the description as she does it quite well:

A very very well made, nice-looking game about a British spy show I've never seen (being American myself).

The basic gist is that you've enrolled in Spy Academy and are training to become an M15 agent. Wait, this is not as corny as it sounds! You have to go through basic training first, which consists of a series of 10 minigame-type-things, each one measuring some meter of logic, speed, or reaction (they're called the SLR tests, I believe...).

Once you've completed those, you can move on to the real missions. So far I've only done one real mission because I can't figure out why the spy man won't let me play more of them....

The game is styled nicely, with some tough little mini games in there, and even comes with a "screen saver" if you sit there long enough!! (Don't ask how I found that one out...)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the game comes with a very nice little host video, a man, I forget his name, who leads you through the process.

Also:: You do have to register if you want to save your data, which I highly recommend and only takes like 2 seconds to complete, and as an added bonus when you've finished registering they bring you right back to the game, which is nice and not done by enough sites now a days.

All I have to add is that the host is Harry, as any fan will tell you, and that if you haven't seen the show I encourage you to try it as soon as possible. The current series of Spooks is currently airing in the UK on Thurday nights on the BBC, and can be seen in the US, re-titled as MI-5, on A&E. In the meantime Spy Academy is a great game that will keep you occupied for a while.

Entry 1424, Saturday, October 1st 2005, Filed In Games

C4 Hamster
I could spend (er...have spent) hours playing C4 Hamster. A fantastic game for a Friday. The premise is, er, simple. You play Death Jr. (a younger kind of Death), and your task is to hurl hamsters with C4 plastic explosive strapped to their backs at the large red monster, and see how far the resulting explosion flings the monster's flaming head around the landscape. Bonus points for distance and hitting other monsters along the way. I know the idea isn't new, but it's very well done, is really quite funny, and looks great. I might even have to get the PSP game it's advertising if it has half the sense of fun this does.

Entry 1422, Friday, September 30th 2005, Filed In Games

Find the six objects, to help you solve the six energy related problems, in under nine minutes, in "Unplugged". An educational point'n'click game designed to teach Canadian kids how to save energy. I kid you not. To win you have to switch off your PC, and turn off the lights in your house. I kid you. Anyway game play-wise this is meant for kids so be very ashamed of yourself if you get stuck [subbed by tim, jackie & karlee].

Entry 1421, Friday, September 30th 2005, Filed In Games

Polly Wants...
Well you have to point, and you have to click, but "Polly Wants..." is hardly an adventure, but that's not a bad thing once in a while. Is it? You play Polly, a parrot with a passion for pinching things from his perverted possessor. Steal as many items as you can from your owner while he's distracted by Baywatch. Bizarre.

Entry 1419, Thursday, September 29th 2005, Filed In Games

The graphics for Siegburgspiel are fantastic - this is one good looking point'n'click game. Unfortunately there's a lot of writing, and that writing is in German. Thus while it might look great, I don't know what you are meant to do! Could be the greatest game ever but I just can't work it out. If anyone out there can speak German and translate what is going on that would be great. For now I'm just wondering around and taking in the view.

Entry 1418, Thursday, September 29th 2005, Filed In Games

Some people just play the point'n'click games I post here, some people are nice enough to leave a comment or two to help others, and then again some people, like murtaugh , go that extra mile and write a game of their own, and post that. Most commendable. Submachine has some eerie music, cracking sound effects, and I haven't been able to work out any of the puzzles yet - which means it gets a big thumbs-up from me. Leave your impressions in the comments, I'm sure murtaugh will appreciate any feedback you have.

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Maybe I've played too many point'n'click games, (what am I saying? Surely there's no such thing as too much point'n'click?), but I could have sworn I'd posted Thief before. I can't find it in the archives though, so I guess something in the game is just ringing a bell in my head. Anyways... You're a Thief (hence the name) in a scientist's house, and you have to find the code to gather the atom bomb secret from the safe before the 15 minute time limit runs out.... Just a regular Monday night then [subbed by deenoa, debra & lennart].

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The triskabiblios monster is taking over my life! Careful kids, you might dabble with point and click and think it's harmless fun, but before you know it your "harmless" games will lead you to the land of arg - a land where you sometimes don't sleep for 24 hours (twice so far for me!), and where find yourself calling, being called by, having answer machine messages from, text messages, and IMs from people you don't know (none 'in game' before you game followers get too excited). It's a weird world, but I'm loving it.

Now it turns out so far triskabiblios has been entirely 'pre-game' - it hasn't even started! It looks like with this one, if you are 'in', you're in for the long haul. I for one have passed passport control, and I'm on the plane waiting to depart. Anyways I'm going to keep posting updates on the 'game' here at lazylaces, but I'm going to try and limit it to an update a week - mainly because I have other nonsense I like to talk about, and other people like to read, here. To make life simple to find triskabiblios related posts I've added a link in the right-hand column of the site so you can retrieve them easily. As a general rule if you want to make a comment on the 'game' add it to the latest post. Right, that's the general stuff out of the way, what's been happening in the 'game' this week?

Some basics first:

  • The homepage has changed. Is this the final version? Probably not. But I think we're much closer to the game version. From hints we have received so far I think it's fair to say the moon, and especially moon cycles, will play large role in the 'game'.
  • We know the game's rules, but there a lot of room for interpretation and you can sign-up to play. But why do they want your address? I'm not sure I want Islington knowing where I live. Although I think he knows where I live already.
  • The lovely Moutain Girl now has her own scribe page (thanks for the phone message MG!).
  • I'm now officially a scribe! My scribe page now features a photo-shopped and flashed picture of me (see above), and I look like a badass (not my description). It's a kind of a web fame!
Now, perhaps most importantly, I've had an e-mail from Islington which he has asked me to pass on to you(!). Here it is in full:

Subject: The Search Begins
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 23:10:51 +0100
From: Islington <>

Dear Graeme,
A thousand thanks for your help thus far, and for that which is yet to come.

Events are unfolding around you, the Town of London in the months to follow will reveal a secret.

My notebook, book zero of 13, will prove a guide to those worthy growing numbers Searching and Scribing for the Triskabiblios Library.

Although this book is not one of the 13, it does give a glimpse into the Mind of Islington, a look behind the curtain of my mind into the growing mystery beyond.

Disseminate this information to your eager audience.

I cannot give direct instructions, for to strive is to succeed. The exact location of my notebook will be revealed, and every active scribe will need to play a part in it's uncovery.

May your journey be blessed with uninterupted conversation.


Triskabiblios | the13books

Well I'm creeped out. I work in London, so I can feel this 'game' getting a whole lot more 'interactive' for me soon. If we can figure the what, when and where of what's in London, I'm up for being our man on the spot. Now let's get on with the puzzling...

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