The Hiding Room
The point'n'click adventure stretches beyond the confines of just one web site with The Hiding Room. An interesting development adding more depth to the game, but not quite as intense a method as employed by perplexcity (thank goodness). One word of warning - this one has rich animations and graphics, which look good, but which means you can just about forget this one if you're trying to play on a slow connection.

Important Update: If you want to start this multi-site adventure you should really begin at - The whole purpose of the game is to find Jon Harker, something I didn't realise initially as I found the Hiding Room site first.

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Nordic Chill
Some seasonal athletic gameplay with Nordic Chill. Take part in the cross country skiing, shooting, ski jump and curling. I actually thought the curling was the best bit, but it's the end part of the game so you'll need to have patience.

Entry 1058, Sunday, January 2nd 2005, Filed In Games

I've just scratched the very tip of the iceberg in playing Perplexcity - it seems you need to get really immersed in it, and it's more a long term project than a simple game. If you thought it took a long time to play some of those point and click adventures this is going to seem ridiculous. From the first couple of pages you just have to hunt for the hidden links, but after that there's a whole world out there waiting for you to investigate. I used the Project Syzygy primer to bring me up to speed with what on earth was going on with the game which I can highly recommend.

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Overtime At Santa's Factory
Some slightly late (sorry) seasonal point'n'clickery adventure as you do some Overtime At Santa's Factory. Can you get your choice of present out the toy factory? Top tips are to remember to be good at the begining of the game - would Santa really try delivering you a present if you've been naughty, and refer to the 'in case of emergency' memo on the wall if you want to know what you need to do.

Entry 1054, Sunday, January 2nd 2005, Filed In Games

Doom '95
Did you know you can download the original Doom for free? Did you know it's only 4.3Mb in Size? Did you know that includes a networking capability so that on a quiet day in the office, like New Year's Eve, you can turn a dull afternoon into a two hour fragfest? I found out today and I had to share the news with you.

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Entry 1051, Friday, December 31st 2004, Filed In Games

Hot Seat Gunner
Girl meets oversize killer robot, girl falls in love with oversize killer robot, girl brutally destroys oversize killer robot. Some might see Hot Seat Gunner as a modern fairytale, others might see it as a complicated application of Newtonian physics, and yet others might see it as game with a girl with a gun.

Entry 1049, Friday, December 31st 2004, Filed In Games

The Hitchhiker's Adventure Game
Old skool text based adventuring with a snazzy new flash interface make The Hitchhiker's Adventure Game a pleasure to play for a Hitchhiker's fan like myself. Start by switching on the light and move on from there. Don't forget your towel.

Entry 1047, Friday, December 31st 2004, Filed In Games

If you're a slacker even getting washed, eating and leaving the house can form the basis of a point'n'click adventure. I know it does for me [at gamegarage].

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What's The Catch?
I love Tom And Jerry cartoons and What's The Catch? really captures the spirit of the original series as you either take control of Tom to catch the falling plates, or make Jerry jump the obstacles as he runs away from Tom. Nice. Three levels of difficulty but nothing too taxing.

Entry 1043, Tuesday, December 28th 2004, Filed In Games

Astro Suzie
Well, what do you know? I'm just doing my end of year links clear out by working alphabetically through my Opera bookmarks folder (that's how they arrange themsleves) and this is the third point'n'click game link in a row. You guys really do send a lot of stuff into me, dont you? Thanks!

Anyway, despite the childish graphics and lack of sound (my pet peeve in a game), you'll find that helping Astro Suzie save the earth from alien invasion, still involves some tricky puzzles. Requests for help in the comments as usual.

Entry 1040, Tuesday, December 28th 2004, Filed In Games

Adventure Game Studio
For all you point'n'click nuts out there you can now take a crack at building your own game, thanks to Adventure Game Studio. I haven't tried it yet, or tried playing any of the games people have come up with (shame on me), but it's a fantastic idea. If any of you use your imagination to come up with something yourself please send me a link so I can try it out [ta Daisy].

Entry 1039, Tuesday, December 28th 2004, Filed In Games

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