Island Of Onigakure
The unofficial escape game theme for March appears to be "Islands" with Island Of Onigakure providing us with another dose of Island adventuring. This time with a distinct feline flavor [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5498, Thursday, March 15th 2012, Filed In Games

Escape Old Asylum
Legend has it that the old asylum is the most haunted location in the country. You decide to go explore the creepy old place all alone at night (of course). Once inside the floor starts cracking and before you know it you are in the basement, trapped (who'd have thunk it). Now you must figure out how to Escape Old Asylum [subbed by punon & Selfdefiant].

Entry 5497, Thursday, March 15th 2012, Filed In Games

Automaton: Reinvented
It's been a while since the last Automaton game appeared, but the little electronic guy has been unearthed, and reprogrammed slightly, for a new (final?) episode in Automaton: Reinvented [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5496, Tuesday, March 13th 2012, Filed In Games

Must Escape The Island
Spoiler alert! Must Escape The Island is actually the plot of next season's Survivor... [subbed by punon & f00].

Entry 5495, Tuesday, March 13th 2012, Filed In Games

Amazing Islands
Find the mushroom soup treasure and escape the islands in Amazing Islands [subbed by Awkwardo].

Entry 5494, Monday, March 12th 2012, Filed In Games

Emerald Den Escape
Collect the emeralds and escape the room in Emerald Den Escape. Simples n'est pas? Non. [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5493, Monday, March 12th 2012, Filed In Games

Agent Turnright
Agent Turnright has a different left click trick to get you through each level (mission) in this fast paced game that requires quick reactions and/or patience... hence most escape the roomers will not get passed level 3 or so... [subbed by Robin Vencel].

Entry 5492, Monday, March 12th 2012, Filed In Games

Sneaky's Expedition 3
After a cold and dark winter, when the sun is out and the sky is blue, the first thing on Sneaky's mind is poking around to try and find ancient scrolls in Sneaky's Expedition 3. That guy really has his priorities all wrong... [subbed by Selfdefiant].

Entry 5491, Saturday, March 10th 2012, Filed In Games

Want You - Who Am I?
Want You - Who Am I? is part riddle, part escape game. The soundtrack on the other hand is all ear worm [subbed by subzero].

FOOTNOTES: Some persistence, patience & page refreshing might be needed to get this one to load. There's also an alternative link to try if you need it.

Entry 5490, Friday, March 9th 2012, Filed In Games

Dolls Festival
Dolls Festival is a game of cat(s) and mouse... [subbed by f00].

Entry 5489, Friday, March 9th 2012, Filed In Games

Sushi Dismantlement
At all the best sushi restaurants they arm you with a screw driver, puzzle book, and a crib sheet of Chinese Zodiac characters so that you can fully enjoy your Sushi Dismantlement [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5488, Thursday, March 8th 2012, Filed In Games

The Stray School
The Stray School is an "experimental" escape the room style game... [via gotmail].

Entry 5487, Thursday, March 8th 2012, Filed In Games

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