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Games Compendium
After a few days off there's a few games to quickly catch up on, so it's time for an impromptu Games Compendium. In the box today are: [subbed by f00, Picaso, Awkwardo, myuhinny, guska, Selfdefiant, sighfield, subzero & TimeFall].

Entry 5486, Thursday, March 8th 2012, Filed In Games

Ugly Duckling 5
Get all your blinking done before playing Ugly Duckling 5 otherwise an errant blink could cause you to miss the whole thing [subbed by Dov].

Entry 5463, Wednesday, February 22nd 2012, Filed In Games

Ugly Duckling 4
The improbable adventures of the ugly duckling continue in Ugly Duckling 4 [subbed by Awkwardo].

Entry 5447, Saturday, February 11th 2012, Filed In Games

Ugly Duckling 3
Ugly Duckling 3 features a cameo appearance from Santa who is normally otherwise pretty quiet at this time of year, so it's nice to see him picking up some work for a change [subbed by myuhinny].

Entry 5432, Friday, February 3rd 2012, Filed In Games

Ugly Duckling 2
There once was an Ugly Duckling 2
With feathers all stubby and brown
And the other birds said in so many words
Get out of town
Get out, get out, get out of town
And he went with a quack and a waddle and a quack
In a flurry of eiderdown
That poor little ugly duckling
Went wandering far and near
But at every place they said to his face
Now get out, get out, get out of here!

Entry 5411, Friday, January 27th 2012, Filed In Games

Dragon New Year
We're over half way through January already, can you believe it, and Minoto has only just now taken a break from writing bonkers rabbit & tortoise games to write a bonkers game to see in the new year. Thus, finally, we can play "Dragon New Year".

Entry 5387, Thursday, January 19th 2012, Filed In Games

Rabbit And Tortoise 7
If you love a bit of cake, you'll love a bit of Rabbit And Tortoise 7 [subbed by Picaso].

Entry 5376, Friday, January 13th 2012, Filed In Games

Rabbit And Tortoise 6
If you think the whole Rabbit And Tortoise story might have calmed down a bit, and be slightly less insane, now that we've reached Rabbit And Tortoise 6 prepare to be disappointed...

Entry 5356, Thursday, January 5th 2012, Filed In Games

Rabbit And Tortoise 5
In Rabbit And Tortoise 5 we find out what a nice guy the Tortoise is, but be careful, I suspect that the cake is a lie.

Entry 5333, Wednesday, December 28th 2011, Filed In Games

Rabbit And Tortoise 4
The improbable point'n'click adventures of Monsieur Le Rabbit continue, all whilst he is meant to be racing, in Rabbit And Tortoise 4. This week we find out a couple of innovative ways of stopping things that even Mr Hammer himself would be proud of, and best of all we finally... SPOILER ALERT! (See the comments).

Entry 5310, Wednesday, December 21st 2011, Filed In Games

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