Somewhere In The Wild West
Somewhere In The Wild West, the wiki wild wild West, lived a man who was born on a mountain top in Tennessee, and who filled his cabin with improbable puzzles... [subbed by Sarah & AgiHammerklau].

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Comment 1, Friday, August 26th 2011 02:49:51 AM


Congats .......

Comment 2, Friday, August 26th 2011 02:54:32 AM


I hate maths

Comment 3, Friday, August 26th 2011 04:10:05 AM


You collect identical sheriff stars, still you have to put them on their places in order?

Abroy's escape games were all right so far - not especially good, but all right - but that last one with that crazy puzzle about the planets and now this one... They're clearly losing it, IMHO...


Comment 4, Friday, August 26th 2011 04:54:58 AM


Oh, and one more thing: I love maths-based puzzles, but only if they are related to the storyline or the situation somehow. Here they don't. They're just being shot at you for no apparent reason. It just doesn't feel right. Like in the middle of a fottball game you suddenly have to answer some geography questions... You go WTF?


Comment 5, Friday, August 26th 2011 05:03:59 AM


Math problems are one thing, but a couple of these "problems" or "puzzles" are too much trial and error, not logical based... No clue how or where to start...

Comment 6, Friday, August 26th 2011 10:23:06 AM


Hi, somehow I anticipated your posts when I subbed this game and felt a little sorry, that I did.
HereŽs what I wrote, when I subbed it:
"ThereŽs a new one on : somewhere-in-the-wild-west
Seems everyone else didn`t submit a "finished" or "failed" or simply gave up on the math-puzzle (+-:*).
My sub made the 100% fail move to 50%. :D
Maybe I was the first one out, without a calculator.
Seems they give new programmers a chance.
Nevertheless, I didn`t like it.
Too few puzzles, even less items, but therefore the annoying "="-puzzle and the sound, that makes you really want to escape as fast as possible."

Looking back at the older games, there seem to be some 'standard-rooms' with preset zooms and movable objects, where the programmer can hide objects, clues or items.
And, of course, the inevidable locks somewhere with some tileturn-, letter-, color- and numberpuzzles.
So it solely depends on the programmer's imagination and skills to use these given spots to make a conclusive game, that matches the story, is hard, but fun to play.
This one was lacking in every part.
Just look at the story: 'You are somewhere in the Wild West and you have to escape quickly before some dangerous cowboys arrive, have fun and good luck!' (abroy)
IŽd gather as much nuggets, as I can carry (8 to open the lock), the peacemaker, the gun and equipement, but no sheriff's (tin) -stars (High noon : Gary cooper did not run ! :'...or lie a coward in my grave'...) (Agi)
Three ! items and one even illogical. There are several ways to open a milkcan. (even if it's welded shut.)
The 'rollover-hint-bug' is even worse then in the last game (FF, IE, Opera all latest).

Hope, abroy will get back to their quality-standards,

Comment 7, Friday, August 26th 2011 01:22:12 PM

Some d00d

The heck with the puzzles, it was so dark I couldn't see a damn thing.

Comment 8, Friday, August 26th 2011 02:30:04 PM


I got the maths one eventually

SPOILER: (click box to reveal/hide)
14x15:42 99:3-28

Comment 9, Saturday, August 27th 2011 02:48:15 PM


Yeah, saving to put identical stars in order was annoying even if it didn't take too long. I didn't like the tile rotating puzzle on this one, too much detail in a small space to make it obvious when you've got it right.

Abroy's escape games are starting to remind me of those "tea" games that used to get posted here. You've played one (maybe two) and you've played them all.

Comment 10, Sunday, August 28th 2011 09:39:28 AM

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