Mystery Mansion 103
Mystery Mansion 103 might not be as scary as Room 101, but its just as tricky to escape... [subbed by f00].

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First again!

Comment 1, Monday, July 12th 2010 03:51:21 PM


This one is going to take a while!

Comment 2, Monday, July 12th 2010 04:04:23 PM



Comment 3, Monday, July 12th 2010 04:07:12 PM


It's a mythtery, it's a mythtery!

Comment 4, Monday, July 12th 2010 05:33:52 PM


Not getting far on this one.

Comment 5, Monday, July 12th 2010 05:34:43 PM


It took a bit of guessing on the piano bit, but I'm out!

Comment 6, Monday, July 12th 2010 07:21:17 PM


Got paino, and wall puzzle. cannot get puzzle under to or one on coffee table. any help

Comment 7, Monday, July 12th 2010 09:04:46 PM


oops that is puzzle under tv

Comment 8, Monday, July 12th 2010 09:05:29 PM


Very Well Design Game. On the first look, it seems like a complicated game but it is a very logical one.

Comment 9, Monday, July 12th 2010 10:57:18 PM


clicked on box on table in middle of room a few times , got a key and out ! Took about 1 minute

Comment 10, Tuesday, July 13th 2010 03:50:35 AM


I'm stuck in the same place as Vivian. Any help?

Comment 11, Tuesday, July 13th 2010 03:02:20 PM


For the puzzle under the TV,

SPOILER: (click box to reveal/hide)
The fifth column gives the value for each colored ring. Add up the values on each of the other four columns AFTER you move rings according to the piece of paper (you'll have to keep track of which rings you moved mentally). Once you have the numbers for each column, enter them on the box on the bottom-left of the tv.

The coffee table puzzle is the last puzzle you have to do.

Comment 12, Tuesday, July 13th 2010 07:36:38 PM


The piano makes my head hurt

Comment 13, Tuesday, July 13th 2010 08:49:03 PM


I've been reminded how much I stink at escape games. lol

None of the puzzles make any sense to me.

Comment 14, Saturday, August 7th 2010 10:23:16 PM

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