Trapped: You wake up in a room... you don't know how you got there... you need to escape... It's a familiar point'n'click room escaping tale that we've seen many times before, but we still love it. With Trapped we've even seen the game name used several times before, but this time we have a cheesy voice-over, which makes it a winner for me [subbed by MsInterpret].

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what a crazy game

Comment 101, Thursday, January 25th 2007 05:43:47 AM


i think this is one of the best games on the planet it was so interesting. you know in a game you always think your the good guy but you never turn out to be the bad guy well this is something new for you stupid goody 2 shoes.

Comment 102, Sunday, February 11th 2007 04:17:12 PM


1. Keys (Left hand side of shelf)

2. Paper (Under the box on the floor)

3.Add paper into printer

4.Sticky Plastic (Right hand side of set of drawers)

5.Fingerprint (Door handle - use sticky plastic)

6.Use fingerprint to get into large cupboard

7.Type in code (GolfZonePlus)

8.Camera (Between the computer cupboard and the printer cubboard)

9.Take a photo of the keypad with the camera

10.Connect the camera to the computer and it will print something

11.Get the paper from the printer and it will give you a code

12.Plug the code into the keypad (247)

13.You have Escaped!

Comment 103, Sunday, February 18th 2007 09:05:29 PM


Man Im Stuck i need 2 no wat 2 do when the room is daark

Comment 104, Wednesday, February 21st 2007 08:31:41 AM


im stuck at the place with the armed gaurd it always says; I can reach anything...


Comment 105, Friday, March 16th 2007 05:53:34 PM


Hey, could someone pleeeeaase tell me the ending? Pretty please?^^ I got as far as the shooting part, but the mouse on my computer lags a lot in flash games, so it's harder for me to keep aim and all that. I just wanna know the ending so that I can play the sequel.

Comment 106, Thursday, April 19th 2007 02:06:28 AM


I might as well post my own WALKTHROUGH just if case the other one wasn't clear enough. Beat this without a WALKTHROUGH.

SPOILER: (click box to reveal/hide)


Turn on the light and click on the left side of the sink and collect the STOCKING. Turn right and get the BIBLE. Turn right twice and click on the toilet seat and get the match box. Click left and then click on the bottom left side of the toilet to get the matches. Go right, to the view at which you started and go down to get the wallet. Open the wallet (click on he bottom dollar) and get the finger. Click on the matches and then the matchbox. Click on its side to light the match. Click on the finger and light it on fire. Use the item you just received, on the door.


Click on the stocking 3 times to put it on. Click on the guy standing in the doorway and click either of the phrases to say to him. Close the door and click on the cupboard and then the top drawer to get the screwdriver. Go to the bed and click on the left side and use the screwdriver on the metal plate. Go left and you will see a maid sitting on the ground taped up. Click on her and she will get up. Click on her face in the inventory a few times to talk to her. One of the times you talk to her, you will see a bed in your inventory click on it and she will help you move the bed. Click on the shining thing and get the key. You will see a short clip. Once you and the maid start talking click on the door instead of listening to the conversation. You will appear in the bathroom again looking at a door with light coming from it. As soon as the guy stops talking turn to the right twice as quickly as you can. Hurriedly click on the key n your inventory and click on the lock. NOTE: You have to look for the lock quickly or you will have to do these few steps again. You will see another short clip.


Click on the dead guy to change your clothes. Click on the rope and go down. You will now see another clip. now you can play the shooting game. Don't worry about taking damage. I beat the game 2 times and both time my health was about halfway gone when I finished. You have now beaten TRAPPED. :D If you have any questions or comments just email me.

Comment 107, Sunday, May 6th 2007 06:36:44 AM


Wow, wow, bravo!
I finished this game :) interesting game.

Comment 108, Monday, June 18th 2007 10:48:11 PM


Where do you find the stocking?

Comment 109, Monday, June 25th 2007 07:50:15 PM


great game, shocking ending, i cant belive
SPOILER: (click box to reveal/hide)
that the main charter was the crook
SPOILER: (click box to reveal/hide)

Comment 110, Friday, October 26th 2007 07:59:51 PM


how do u highlight the finger on trapped in the first room

Comment 111, Saturday, November 10th 2007 01:54:16 AM


where do you get the stocking?

Comment 112, Sunday, November 11th 2007 03:07:23 AM


where is the stocking?

Comment 113, Saturday, January 26th 2008 11:41:47 PM


how do u get the mask thing

Comment 114, Monday, February 18th 2008 12:50:12 PM


The fps suks big time.. It lags incredibly..

Comment 115, Tuesday, March 4th 2008 11:33:19 AM


ok! seriously! i cannot get out of that dark room, like i turned the light on and clicked around and got busted, but the only way anything happens is if i do that! everyone is saying turn turn around, unlock the door, don't turn the light on use the key. but i have been clicking around in the dark with the key lit up for like 20 minutes and nothing is happening.

Comment 116, Monday, March 31st 2008 08:18:09 PM


OK you are joking right? there HAS to be a way to get her i mean shes soooooo hot

Comment 117, Monday, August 11th 2008 12:12:12 PM


OK you are joking right? there HAS to be a way to get her i mean shes soooooo hot!!! joking shes in the sequel though......

Comment 118, Monday, August 11th 2008 12:13:15 PM



Comment 119, Wednesday, June 10th 2009 02:13:34 AM

The 119 comments on 'Trapped' span more than one page, use the links below to see them all by page:

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